June 19, 2014

Picking up from where we left off in 5 Facts about Workers’ Comp Claims for Police Officers(Pt. 1), below we will continue our discussion regarding important facts for law enforcement officials to know when they are preparing to file workers’ compensation claims.

Fact 3: PTSD and work stress may also be a qualifying condition for benefits.The most important fact for injured police officers to know is that they can rely on Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset to help them get the benefits that they deserve.

Physical injuries may not be the only types of work-related injuries that police and law enforcement officers are at risk of sustaining, as the intense and potentially volatile nature of their jobs can also put them at risk of developing psychological and stress-related injuries – such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In fact, when officers are involved in particularly violent, dangerous or even-life-threatening situations, they can develop PTSD and, in turn, need some counseling (or other treatments) to help them overcome this condition.

When officers have developed PTSD due to their jobs (regardless of whether they may have any physical injuries), it’s important that they meet with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to find out more about their potential rights to benefits.

Fact 4: Insurers and law enforcement agencies are NOT on officers’ sides when it comes to workers’ comp claims.

Although it may seem like a law enforcement agency is looking out for officers who are injured while they are on duty, it’s critical that these injured professionals know that:

  • Their employers are NOT on their sides.
  • Insurers work for the employer (i.e., the law enforcement agency) and, therefore, are also NOT looking out for the injured officer’s best interests.

What this ultimately means is that injured police or law enforcement officers should:

  • Not count on insurers or their employers to inform them about all of their rights and entitlements when it comes to workers’ comp benefits
  • Be prepared for insurers to try to devalue or even deny their claims in an effort to protect the employer
  • Not back down until they are able to obtain the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

Fact 5: Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jennifer Bisset is experienced at helping officers get the benefits they deserve.

The most important fact for injured police and law enforcement officers to know is that, when they have sustained an on-the-job injury, they can count on Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset to help them get the full amount of benefits that they deserve. Jennifer Bisset has the experience, resources and dedication necessary to see even the most complicated workers’ compensation cases through to a successful resolution, and you can trust her to be an aggressive advocate for your rights at every phase of your claim.

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