May 7, 2014

After a sustaining an injury on the job, you may find that your employer seems sympathetic to you. However, when it comes time to file a workers’ compensation claim you can be met with some fierce resistance from both your employer and your employer’s insurance carrier, as they may:

In this three-part blog, we will discuss some of the most common reasons that insurers and/or employers may dispute your claim. If your claim has been denied for any of these or other reasons, contact the Bisset Law Firm to learn more about your options for obtaining the benefits you likely deserve.

Reason 1: Insurers don’t believe your injuries were sustained while you were at work.

A commonly used tactic that insurance companies use when they are trying to deny claims and avoid having to pay workers’ compensation benefits is alleging the injury associated with the claim:

  • Wasn’t sustained while the person was working
  • May have even pre-existed the incident or event associated with the claim.

In cases when there are no witnesses to (or surveillance footage of) the accident or event that caused the injury, this allegation can be especially difficult to challenge. However, an experienced attorney can be effective at compiling evidence – like doctors’ reports, evidence from the accident scene, etc. – that can be powerful in reversing insurers’ denials of workers’ compensation claims.

Reason 2: Insurers say you didn’t file your claim within the necessary deadline.

After workplace injuries, injured workers will generally have to:

  • Report the accident to their employer as soon as possible (possibly even with 7 days or so)
  • File their workers’ compensation claim within one year of the date of the accident.

This one-year time limit can, however, become trickier to pin down in the case of occupational diseases, as there may not be one single event that led to the condition. Instead, in these cases, the one-year countdown typically starts from the date on which the injured party became aware of his condition (which, in many cases, can be the date on which the condition is officially diagnosed by a doctor).

If you miss these important deadlines, your claim can be denied by insurers. If, however, you know that you didn’t miss a deadline but insurers are still claiming that you did, it’s time to seek legal help in challenging insurers and getting the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

For our continued discussion on this topic, be sure to check out the upcoming installments of this blog.

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