September 26, 2014

Wrapping up our blog series 6 Workers’ Compensation Mistakes to Avoid, below we will point out some additional mistakes people should do their best to avoid making when they are moving through the claims process to get benefits for their work injuries.

Additional Workers’ Compensation Mistakes to Sidestep…

Mistake 5 – Not Getting a Second Medical Opinion

When it comes to workers’ compensation mistakes, this is a common one. The fact is that many people don’t even think to question a doctor’s opinion, even when that opinion may seem suspect. InThe best way to avoid all of these common workers’ compensation mistakes is to trust your claim to Denver Attorney Jennifer Bisset. the event that an injured worker is not sure that a doctor has properly diagnosed (or has ordered the appropriate treatments for) his condition, getting a second opinion from another doctor will be critical – both in terms of the injured person’s health and his workers’ compensation claim.

When people make the mistake of taking one doctor’s word on their condition – despite having reservations about that doctor’s diagnosis, they can end up:

  • Being told that they’ve reached their maximum medical improvement (when they have, in fact, not)
  • Being cleared to return to work far earlier than is appropriate
  • Losing out on essential medical care and workers’ compensation benefits.

Mistake 6 – Not Appealing a Claim Denial

Just as people may not question doctor’s opinions about their work injuries, some people may also not consider the fact that they can challenge insurers when these companies may deny their valid claims. In fact, this common workers’ compensation mistake can end up costing people vital benefits in the aftermath of workplace injuries.

What people need to know when they may have had their claims denied by employers’ insurance companies is that:

  • Insurers are generally looking out for themselves and their clients (i.e., the employers) – not the injured workers.
  • Insurers may end up denying legitimate workers’ compensation claims for extremely minor (and fixable) reasons (like, for instance, mistakes on paperwork).
  • Pursuing an appeal will be crucial to ensuring injured workers’ get the benefits to which they are entitled.

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