October 24, 2014

Many people experience workplace stress as a common feature of their jobs, especially when their occupations may be deadline oriented, may involve resolving disputes or may come with excessive workloads. Although many people accept this workplace stress as something else they just have to deal with in order to earn a living, the facts are that:

  • Excessive and ongoing workplace stress can lead to serious on-the-job injuries.
  • There are things people can do to minimize their workplace stress and protect their overall health – both at and outside of work.

Given the relationship between workplace stress and sustaining workplace injuries – as well as the fact that significant workplace stress can negatively impact people’s lives, in this blog series, we will highlight some tips that can help people reduce this stress so that their safety and performance at work can improve.

Keep in mind, however, when stress or any factor results in workplace injuries, Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset will be here to help injured workers obtain the benefits and compensation they likely deserve.

How to Reduce Workplace Stress…

Tip 1 – Stay organized.

In the rush to get one task done and move onto the next, it’s easy to forget (or choose not) to put things away where they should be and keep your workspace as organized as possible. While this mayWhile workplace stress can make people inefficient and less productive at work, it can also lead to workplace injuries. Here are some tips for minimizing workplace stress. not seem like such a big deal in the moment, as you continue to complete tasks and days pass, your workspace, desk and even your email inbox can get cluttered, and this can, in turn, cause you to:

  • Lose track of various responsibilities you may be juggling at the moment
  • Lose time trying to track down information and/or equipment you may need in the future
  • Ultimately compound your own workplace stress.

Therefore, do your best to stay organized, as an organized, clean workspace can promote clear thinking, efficient work and success while you minimize your workplace stress.

Tip 2 – Prioritize your job tasks.

Organization in your list of tasks to complete is just as important as having an organized workspace when it comes both to minimizing your workplace stress while maximizing your job performance. While it may be easy at times to prioritize your list of tasks for a day, week or even a month, when you may be having difficulty doing so, consider:

  • Getting more details about a task from the client, manager or whomever assigned you that task
  • Specifically asking when the results from the task are needed
  • Specifically asking which tasks are higher priority versus which can wait when there may be multiple competing tasks that need to be completed.

We will continue discussing some additional tips for reducing workplace stress in a few upcoming parts of this blog series – we encourage you to check them out!

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