June 5, 2014

Picking up where After Car Accidents: 6 Important Steps to Take (Pt. 1) left off, here we will carry on our discussion of essential steps to take after car accidents in order minimize potential headaches with insurers when it comes time to file and resolve an accident claim.

Step 3 – Get info from the accident witnesses.Getting info from accident witnesses is just one of the important steps to take after car accidents. For more info about your rights, call the Bisset Law Firm today.

Whether other drivers pull over after the accident or you/other motorists involved in the collision had passengers riding in the vehicles, these witnesses can provide crucial information regarding the events that occurred immediately prior to the accident. Therefore, make sure to collect specific information from each witness – include each person’s full legal name and contact information (you can provide this info to insurers when you report the accident, as insurers will likely want to talk to each of the accident witnesses in the course of their investigation).

It’s important point out here that this info may also be provided in the official police report for the accident; however, don’t wait for (or exclusively rely on) this report, and get this info yourself if and when possible.

Step 4 – Photograph the damage caused by the accident.

This is extremely important and may, in fact, be easier than you think if you have a cellphone with a camera. Taking pictures of your car, your visible injuries, other vehicles in the accident and any other damage caused by the collision is absolutely critical to:

  • Supporting your statements to insurers in the future
  • Helping prove who may have been at fault for causing the collision.

If you do end up using your cellphone to take pictures, it’s a smart idea to either back up these pictures on a computer and/or email them to yourself so that:

  • You don’t potentially lose them if anything happens to your phone.
  • You have these pictures easily available at any point in the future.

Don’t miss our upcoming conclusion to this blog for some final thoughts on what to do after car accidents in order to preserve your rights to compensation.

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