The jury didn’t think so.

During her third pregnancy, the client began experiencing premature contractions. Her husband took her to the hospital where the doctor was unable to stop the contractions. Her son was delivered by emergency c-section. It was the hospital’s practice not to perform pre-operative sponge and instrument counts because in delivering a baby due to an emergency, every second counts. The back up plan for the hospital, the surgeon and the radiology group, was to do a post-operative x-ray before discharging the patient from the operating room to confirm no foreign bodies were left behind. In this case, the post-op x-ray showed the sponge. But there was no radiologist on duty, and no one called the on-call radiologist. The hospital also didn’t send the film to the nighthawk service. The next day the radiologist looked at the film, reported on the presence of a foreign body in the electronic medical chart, but didn’t notify the surgeon. The surgeon failed to “close the loop” because she didn’t look at the film or the report of radiologist in the medical chart. It was not until three years later, following another pregnancy, that the client discovered the reason she had so much pain following the c-section, is because the doctor and the hospital left a sponge deep inside her abdomen. The foreign body reaction caused internal scarring, leaving her with long term consequences. The sponge was surgically removed.

Verdict & Judgment: Prior to trial the hospital and the radiologist offered $120,000.00 to settle the case. The case was tried to a jury which found in favor of the client, and awarded her $425,000 in pain and suffering and $60,000 in medical expenses. Liability: Hospital: 60%; radiology group 25%; obstetrician 10%; radiologist 5%. The verdict was reduced to $300,000 (the cap on pain and suffering in Colorado) and prejudgment interest for a total of $420,000. The trial court awarded costs of $125,000, for a total recovery of $545,000.


The jury thought so.

Underinsured motorist claim with State Farm. The client purchased substantial amounts of insurance ($350,000 in coverage) with State Farm to protect her in case she was involved in a serious accident with a driver with no or very little insurance. She turned to State Farm for assistance and additional payment of her losses under her policy. After a year of investigating her claim, State Farm denied her claim taking the position that she had been fully compensated by the drunk driver (who paid her $24,500) and offered her $2,000.

Client was involved in a serious car crash with a drunk driver who was speeding as he exited southbound I-25 onto 6th Avenue eastbound. He was unable to control his vehicle on the curve from the exit/entrance ramp and smashed his truck into the concrete median, flipping the all of the landscaping tools and debris, including a wheelbarrow, from the back of his truck, over the median onto the client’s westbound car. She slammed on the brakes and crashed into the median trying to control her car from hitting anyone else. As a result of this accident, the client suffered multiple injuries to her back, her right hip, and her knees.

Within a few short months after the accident, her right hip became so painful, she underwent hip replacement surgery, incurring more than $67,000 in medical expenses. Due to compensating for the pain in her right hip she developed pain in her left knee. Her surgeon blamed her need for knee replacement surgery on the crash. As a result of these injuries and surgeries, the client had medical bills in excess of $195,264.57. She also faced challenges securing and maintaining employment because of the daily pain affecting her ability to walk and because of months of recovery time after both surgeries.

Verdict & Judgment: On July 26, 2011, a jury found in the client’s favor on her breach of contract claim against State Farm and awarded her $274,500 in economic and non-economic damages. Prejudgment interest brought her verdict up to the $350,000 policy limits. This case is currently on appeal, because of court’s post-trial cost orders.


The jury thought so.

Client was injured on the job and ended up needing a serious surgery because of a herniated disc in his neck. The workers compensation adjuster denied the claim after he reviewed one medical report questioning the injury, even though three other doctors supported the injury and the claim. Client sought medical care at Kaiser, where surgery was recommended, but the surgeon caused an injury during his surgery by failing to control the tool he was using, and instead repeated banged on the client’s spinal cord during the surgery.

The client sued the Kaiser surgeon for malpractice, and the workers compensation insurance company, Pinnacol Assurance, for the unreasonable denial of workers compensation benefits.
The surgeon did not make any offers of settlement. Pinnacol offered $10,000 to settle the bad faith claim. After a nine day jury trial on September 3, 2010, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the client, finding that the surgeon was negligent, and caused injuries to the client. The jury entered a verdict against the doctor in the amount of $950,000.00. The jury found, unanimously, that Pinnacol unreasonably denied payment of client’s workers compensation claim and awarded damages of $375,000.

The case is on appeal.
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The jury thought so.

The client, a passenger on a charter bus was injured when the driver failed to follow safety rules after the wheelchair lift became stuck with a passenger on board. The driver was unable to get the wheelchair lift to stow, so he put the wheelchair passenger back on the lift and tried to lower it, but midway, it became stuck. The company safety rules prohibited employees from using a screwdriver as a wedge or pry bar. The wheelchair lift manufacturer also published safety rules advising against getting under a lift. Instead of calling for help, or helping the passenger get off the lift, he got under the lift with a screwdriver, freed the lift, but it came down on his hand, pinning it under the lift. When he started screaming for help, the client came to his aid. She injured her back while trying to pull the passenger off the lift. As a result, she underwent multiple procedures and two back surgeries to treat the pain. Her surgeon testified that her pain is permanent, and that she will have pain every day for the rest of her life. She incurred over $250,000 in medical expenses.

Verdict & Judgment. On May 20, 2008, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the client and her husband totaling $881,925.00. The court entered judgment for $1,108,000.00, including prejudgment interest and costs. The defendant appealed the verdict and settled shortly before the appeal was decided.

In July, 2011 I was involved in an auto accident on West Sixth Avenue in Denver; wherein the driver who caused the accident was convicted of a DUI.    After an extensive search and interviews with attorneys specializing in auto accidents, I chose Jennifer Bisset.   And I’m so grateful I did.

The convicted DUI driver only carried the $25,000 minimum of auto insurance.  Therefore it became imperative that I turn to my own auto insurance company where I had years ago obtained additional coverage; believing I was making certain should I ever become involved in an accident wherein the other party didn’t have any, or had inadequate insurance, I would be protected.  So much for the insurance company which postures and promotes itself as being a “Good Neighbor…”

As a result of this auto accident I was required to undergo both right hip and left knee replacements; prohibiting me from continuing  employment in the professional field for which I had been employed and trained, suffered astronomical medical bills, endured false accusations by my insurance company, feared threats of losing my home and good credit, endured tremendous pain and extensive rehabilitation, received settlement offers substantially lower than the medical costs I was incurring, suffered exhaustive setbacks; and all the myriad of gymnastics involved by being forced into the experience of taking my case to trial.

No, Jennifer Bisset didn’t save my life, but what she did do was provide me with professional expertise, perseverance, expediency, caring, recognized legal knowledge and respect, and ultimately, an impressive monetary jury award.   I am so grateful Jennifer Bisset is my attorney.

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-Todd Thompson