December 31, 2014

While fatal work accidents can happen anywhere, some cities in the U.S. are home to more dangerous work environments and, consequently, have far higher rates of fatal work accidents. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the cities that are the deadliest for American workers tend to be smaller cities that are centered on a specific industry, such as:

  • The oil industryFatal work accidents are more likely to occur in small cities built around a specific industry, like the oil, construction or maritime industries.
  • The construction industry
  • The steel manufacturing industry
  • The paper mill industry
  • The maritime industry
  • The vehicle manufacturing industry.

Where the Most Fatal Work Accidents Happen

The following are the cities in the U.S. where the most fatal work accidents reportedly occurred last year (in order of most to least accidents):

  1. Midland (Texas), which is built around the oil industry
  2. Mount Vernon and Anacortes (Washington), which are primarily centered on the construction industry
  3. Beaumont and Port Arthur (Texas), which are built around the oil industry
  4. Huntington and Ashland (West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio)
  5. Green Bay (Wisconsin), which is home to the paper mill industry
  6. Anchorage (Alaska), which is built around the oil industry
  7. New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner (Louisiana), which are focused on the maritime industry
  8. Grand Rapids (Michigan), which is home to the auto making industry
  9. Tulsa (Oklahoma), which is focused on the oil industry
  10. Nashville and Davidson (Tennessee), which are built around the auto making industry.

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