January 14, 2015

Here is the conclusion to our blog series Going Back to Work after a Work-Related Injury: 5 Things to Consider.

Final Thing to Consider – Your job may not be there when you are ready to go back to it.

Under Colorado workers’ compensation laws, your employer is not legally obligated to keep your job open and available to you if you are out of work for more than 12 consecutive weeks due to yourThe most important thing to remember when it comes to going back to work after a work-related injury is that you should talk to a lawyer first. Contact us for help with your workers’ comp claim. work injuries. However, by law, your employer cannot also fire you because you have filed a worker’s compensation claim.

What this ends up meaning is that, in some cases, injured workers may not have jobs to return to when they are, in fact, ready to go back to work. When this may be the case, injured people can turn to the Colorado Worker’s Compensation Board for more guidance regarding job resources, training and opportunities.

If, however, dealing with an abrupt termination of your workers’ compensation benefits is your primary concern, don’t hesitate to contact trusted Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset.

The Bottom Line: Knowing Your Rights Can Pay Off

When it comes to going back to work after a work-related injury, the bottom line is that:

  • Your choices and moves now could impact your benefits, leading to reductions or even terminations of your benefit payments.
  • Being aware of your rights and best options for moving forward is critical to maintaining your workers’ compensation benefit payments.
  • Retaining an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer like Jennifer Bisset can help you be confident that you will always be making the right decisions regarding your worker’s compensation case.

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Have you been injured at work? If so, Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jennifer Bisset wants you to know that she is here to aggressively advocate your rights and help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve. When you trust your case to Attorney Jennifer Bisset, you can trust that she will work diligently to keep your case moving and that she will keep you advised of every development in your case.

Additionally, you can count on Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jennifer Bisset to:

  • Promptly return every one of your phone calls
  • Meet all of your case deadlines
  • Give you honest answers to all of your questions
  • Provide you with responsive service
  • Help you secure the full amount of the benefits to which you are entitled.
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