February 28, 2015

Resuming Protecting Vision in the Digital Age: Workplace Eye Safety Tips (Pt. 1), here we will reveal and discuss some more things that can be done to protect your eyes and vision at work.

More Helpful Workplace Eye Safety Tips

  • Visit an eye doctor regularly – While you should try to see eye doctors regularly as part of your overall health care and general health maintenance, if you regularly look at screens at work,While these workplace eye safety tips are helpful, contact Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset when you need help getting benefits after work injuries. deal with eye strain and/or may put your eyes at risk in other ways as you work, visiting an ophthalmologist on a regular basis can help you:
    • Monitor your vision.
    • Identify any possible problems with your eyes and/or vision early on.
    • Get glasses and/or other vision treatment you may need to help you reduce your eye strain and protect your vision moving forward.
  • Incorporate the 20-20-20 break into your day – Specifically, the 20-20-20 break refers to taking at least a 20 second break after straining your eyes for 20 minutes and, when doing so, looking at an object that is about 20 feet away from you. This break can help relieve eye strain by giving your eyes a break.While, of course, the nature of your occupation may prevent you from taking such breaks every 20 or so minutes, keeping this tip in mind and practicing it whenever you can/you feel that your eyes have been strained can be extremely helpful in relieving eye strain and protecting your vision.
  • Use the proper eye protection for your occupation – Experts project that, if every worker in the U.S. used the proper eye protection for his job, that as many as 90 percent of the eye injuries sustained every year could be prevented.When it comes to using eye protections at work, the specific hazards a given worker will face on the job will dictate what the appropriate eye protective gear is for that individual. For instance, chemicals present different potential dangers than dust, flying objects and even sparks and radiation.So, taking this into consideration, just some of the options for eye protective gear can include (but are not necessarily limited to) the use of:
    • Safety googles and/or glasses
    • Full-face shields
    • Full-face respirators
    • Helmets with eye covers.

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