February 10, 2015

While sleeping problems may seem like a personal issue, they can become a far greater concern when they impact workers, their productivity and their ability to perform their jobs safely. A recent study entitled, “Waking Up To the Sleep Problem Every Employer Is Facing,” took a closer look at just how prevalent sleep deprivation is among the workers and what the impacts of this lack of sleep can end up being in the workplace.

This international study, which was conducted by the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), analyzed data from more than 1.5 million people in 185 counties, making this one of the most comprehensive, diverse sleep deprivation and work injuries studies ever conducted.

Sleep Deprivation and Work Injuries: The Study’s Findings

Here’s what the GCC study found in terms of the link between sleep deprivation and work injuries:Sleep deprivation and work injuries are a problem for most employers, as about 1 in 5 workers suffers from sleep deprivation. Here’s a closer look at this link.

  • About 1 in every 5 workers suffers from sleep deprivation.
  • Workers who are sleep deprived are twice as likely as well rested workers to experience job-related stress.
  • More than 90 percent of people classified as “poor sleepers” were very likely to display signs of fatigue in the workplace. Such signs of fatigue were deemed to be a symptom of a condition known as excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).
  • EDS increases the risks of absenteeism, as well as workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Although employers assume that vacations or breaks from work (such as holiday breaks) are times when employees are catching up on their rest, in reality, issues like overindulgence and family demands often arise during these vacations, negating the benefits of any “rest” obtained and causing employees to return to work tired.

As Glenn Riseley, founder and president at the GCC, explained in relation to the results of this study on sleep deprivation:

The cost of poor sleep habits amongst employee populations has been grossly under estimated; it is having profound consequences for productivity and health… Luckily, enlightened employers are now changing their cultures so that sleep is no longer seen as a luxury but as a priority.

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