July 23, 2014

In conclusion to our three-part blog The Facts about Workplace Violence, below we will focus our discussion on what can be done to reduce the incidence of occupational violence in the U.S.

Reducing and Preventing Workplace Violence in the U.S.Workers have a right to a safe workplace that is free from workplace violence. If, however, they are injured in any way at work, they should contact the Bisset Law Firm.

Researchers have suggested that the best way for employers to protect their employees and their customers from being the targets of workplace violence is to:

  • Know the risk factors and try to minimize or mitigate them
  • Institute “zero tolerance” policies for any act of occupational violence
  • Regularly train their employees on how to identify, respond to and report any signs of workplace violence.

Some of the specific prevention strategies that have been highlighted for “high-risk” workers (like, for instance, bartenders, law enforcement officials, taxi cab drivers, etc.) include:

  • Establishing specific cash handling policies
  • Creating barriers that physically separate workers from customers or the public
  • Installing sufficient and good lighting (particularly for nighttime workers)
  • Installing surveillance devices, like security cameras, panic buttons, etc.
  • Providing security officers within a workplace (Even the presence of these officers can be sufficient to deter workplace violence.)
  • Establishing an open line of communication between employers, employees and customers so that workplace violence (including threats or intimidation) can be readily and comfortably reported
  • Conducting ongoing training for employees when it comes to how to deal with any incident or indication of potential workplace violence.

Workers’ Rights and Employers’ Responsibilities

A discussion of how to prevent or reduce workplace violence would not be complete without highlighting workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities when it comes to safe workplaces. The facts are that, by law:

  • Employees have the right to safe workplaces that are free of known dangers.
  • Employers do NOT have the right to retaliate against employees who report unsafe working conditions, including those that may be related to possible occupational violence.
  • Employees have the right to report employers’ violations or lack of response to workplace violence to OSHA.

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