May 31, 2015

OSHA has been focused on assuring “safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women” since 1970. Although OSHA regulators regularly monitor various industries and investigate employers for allegedly failing to provide safe working environments for workers, it’s important for employees to understand their rights under OSHA law so that they:

  • Can protect themselves and minimize their risk of sustaining workplace injuries
  • Know when to report employers’ violations to OSHA.

An Overview of Employees’ Rights per OSHA

According to OSHA, employees have the rights to:These are the fundamental rights workers have under OSHA law, a trusted Denver workers comp attorney explains. Contact us for help getting benefits after being hurt at work.

  • File confidential complaints with OSHA to request that their workplace be inspected for potential violations and safety hazards.
  • Get info and training about OSHA standards that apply to their workplace, as well as methods for preventing harm caused by their industry-specific hazards.
  • Receive safety training in a language and vocabulary that they can understand.
  • Get copies of the records associated with work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses that have occurred in their workplace.
  • Get copies of the results of tests, inspections and/or other monitoring done to identify and quantify the hazards in their workplace.
  • Obtain a copy of their workplace medical records.
  • Get involved in an OSHA inspection of their workplace and discuss their concerns in private with an OSHA inspector.
  • File a complaint with OSHA if they are the targets of employer retaliation for exercising any of their OSHA-provided rights.
  • File a complaint with OSHA if they are retaliated against by an employer for blowing the whistle on an employer’s violations of OSHA standards and regulations.

You can call OSHA at 1(800) 321-6742 (OSHA) to find out more about filing a complaint or requesting an inspection of your workplace.

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