October 15, 2014

Picking up from where Workplace Hand Injuries: The Incidence, Causes and Prevention (Pt. 1) left off, below, we will resume our discussion regarding these types of debilitating on-the-job injuries.

While the first installment of this blog series focused on the incidence and causes of workplace hand injuries, here, we will take a closer look at what types of impairments are most commonly sustained when workplace hand injuries occur.

Common Types of Workplace Hand Injuries

Some of the most common and prevalent types of workplace hand injuries include:Severe hand lacerations are by far the most common workplace hand injuries. Contact us after any work injury. We can expertly facilitate your worker’s comp claim.

  • Severe lacerations on the hands – This is, by far, the most common type of workplace hand injury people generally sustain, as severe cuts account for more than 40 percent of these types of injuries.
  • Severe bruising – This is another common workplace hand injury, as this bruising (or contusions) account for approximately 27 percent of these types of injuries.
  • Bone fractures in the hand – These account for about 17 percent of all workplace hand injuries. Because each hand has 27 small bones within it, when hand fractures occur, it’s common that at least two bones are broken due to the proximity of the bones in the hand.
  • Hand infections – While this is typically related to other workplace hand injuries (like severe lacerations), infections account for about 5 percent of all of these types of injuries.

In addition to these common injuries, other types of workplace hand injuries that people can sustain include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Finger or wrist sprains
  • Burn injuries on the hands
  • Paralysis in part or all of the hands (This can be related to other injuries like, for instance, neck and elbow injuries that pinch the nerves that lead to the hands.)
  • High-pressure hand injuries (such as those caused by nail guns or objects falling onto the hands)
  • Loss of any part of a finger, portion of the hand or the entire hand
  • Repetitive stress hand injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome).

We will wrap up our discussion of workplace hand injuries in the upcoming conclusion to this blog series – be sure to look for it!

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