October 20, 2014

Wrapping up our three-part blog series Workplace Hand Injuries: The Incidence, Causes and Prevention, below, we will outline some specific steps that can be taken to prevent workplace hand injuries.

Preventing Workplace Hand Injuries: Keeping Workers Safe and Healthy

As with any type of on-the-job injury, the old adage – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – rings true for workplace hand injuries. Some of the specific steps that both employers andWhen workplace hand injuries or any work injury occurs, Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset will be ready to help people get the benefits they deserve. workers can take to try to minimize the risk of sustaining workplace hand injuries include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Regularly training workers on essential safety procedures, particularly when it comes to protecting the hands at work
  • Employers developing specific hand protection programs when there may be an especially high risk of workplace hand injuries (based on the nature of the industry)
  • Providing workers with the appropriate personal protective gear, like the appropriate safety gloves for the job (In fact, safety gloves come in many different varieties, including those that offer protections against heat, sparks, toxic substances, pathogens, etc.)
  • Appropriately maintaining the machinery, tools and other equipment that workers use
  • Regularly washing the hands at work, especially if workers may have lacerations and/or may be in contact with toxic or questionable substances
  • Avoiding shortcuts and carefully following all necessary steps to complete a job
  • Employees showing up to work rested and ready to tackle the day (as fatigue or lack of sobriety can make people less diligent and careful on the job, increasing the risk of sustaining workplace hand injuries).

As employers and employees focus on these ways to minimize the risk of workplace hand injuries, regulators and safety officials should continue to record the incidence and causes of these injuries to pinpoint additional strategies for protecting workers and preventing workplace hand injuries.

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