May 13, 2014

Picking up from where we left off in 5 Reasons Insurers May Deny Workers’ Compensation Claims (Pt. 1), here are some more arguments that insurers may use when they are denying claims associated with workplace injuries.

Reason 3: Your insurer has denied your claim because your employer is disputing your claim.

Workers’ compensation claims cost employers money. Because employers are usually more concerned about limiting their expenses and maximizing their profits, it’s not uncommon that they willWhen insurers use any of these reasons to deny your workers’ compensation claim, you can count on Attorney Jennifer Bisset to help you get the benefits you deserve. dispute workers’ compensation claims, possibly trying to claim that:

  • You weren’t officially on the clock when the accident happened or when the injury was incurred.
  • You had been laid off or fired prior to the event that caused your workplace injuries.
  • You were drunk or otherwise impaired when you sustained your injuries.

Employers may try to dispute your workers’ compensation claim in other ways, and when this happens, it’s critical that injured workers work with an experienced attorney who can help them stand up for their rights to benefits.

Reason 4: Insurers’ investigation turns up alleged discrepancies between your accident report and the doctors’ reports.

When your version of the accident differs in any way from the medical reports (like, for instance, if your injuries don’t seem to match up to your claims of the accident), then insurers can use these discrepancies as the basis for denials of workers’ compensation claims. The facts are, however, that:

  • Some on-the-job injuries won’t become apparent until days or possibly even weeks after the initial accident (such as in the case of whiplash, back injuries or possibly even brain injuries).
  • Doctors often make mistakes when diagnosing injured workers, as these medical professionals may not be privy to all of the information regarding your health condition, the events of the accident, etc. In some cases, doctors may even make mistakes when reading the results of diagnostic tests (or they may fail to call for the proper tests), leading to significant complications with injured workers’ claims.

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