Asbestos Exposure Injuries

While we currently know that asbestos is a toxic substance that can cause serious damage to individuals who are exposed to it, inThe Denver workers’ compensation lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm are skilled at helping workers with asbestos exposure injuries obtain the benefits they deserve. the past, this substance was used in a wide variety of materials, which means that some modern workers are often exposed to it in the course of their daily work activities. When people are regularly exposed to asbestos at work and inhale its carcinogenic fibers:

  • They are at risk of developing some severe, irreversible and potentially life-threatening health complications.
  • They will likely have a right to workers’ compensation benefits (and possibly other compensation) if they developed an asbestos injury while working.
  • They will have the best chances of securing the benefits they need and deserve by working with the experienced Denver workers’ compensation lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm.

Types of Asbestos Exposure Injuries

Some of the specific types of health complications that workers can develop as a result of asbestos exposure include (but are not limited to):

  • Asthma
  • Asbestosis, a chronic lung condition in which the inhalation of asbestos fibers results in breathing difficulties and scarring of the lung tissues
  • Mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer that targets the tissues that line the body’s organs (Most commonly, mesothelioma results in malignant tumors developing on the pleura, the outer lining of the lungs and chest cavity).

Who’s At Risk?

While any worker who is exposed to asbestos on a regular basis or who is exposed to asbestos fibers even for shorter periods of time can develop these asbestos injuries, those who are the most likely to be exposed to asbestos and develop related injuries include (but are not limited to):

  • Construction workers
  • Laborers on demolition crews
  • Railroad workers
  • Shipyard workers
  • Electricians
  • Junk yard workers.

Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm

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