August 5, 2014

When people sustain workplace injuries (or any injury or illness, for that matter), they rely on health care workers like doctors, nurses and physical therapists to help them recover. Despite the vital assistance and support that health care workers provide, however, these workers themselves face certain risks of injuries while they are working. In fact, ironically and tragically, health care workers have one of the highest incidences of workplace injuries among the American workforce.

In this blog series, we will take a closer look at some important facts to know about the workplace injuries that health care workers sustain and what is being done to protect these people. If you are a health care worker who has sustained any injury while working, don’t hesitate to contact Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jennifer Bisset for help obtaining the benefits you likely deserve.

Workplace Injuries among Health Care Workers: The Facts…

Fact 1 – Each year, about 650,000 health care workers in the U.S. sustain workplace injuries.

recent study published by Public Citizen has found that approximately 650,000 doctors, nurses and other health care workers in the U.S. suffer some type of workplace injury every year.Health care workers have one of the highest risks of sustaining workplace injuries. Contact Jennifer Bisset if you are a health care worker who has been injured on the job.

To put this into some perspective, these workplace injuries among health care workers:

  • Are so numerous that they are only exceeded by the number of work injuries sustained by loggers, fisherman and other professionals who work outdoors
  • Result in about 2 million lost workdays annually for these injured workers
  • Cost more than $13 billion each year (in lost productivity, recovery costs, etc.).

Be sure to check out the upcoming installments of this blog series for our continued discussion of workplace injuries among health care workers.

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