March 27, 2015

While we rely on hospitals for essential medical care, these facilities can actually present serious risks to their workers, paradoxically causing them to get hurt within the very facilities that are intended for healing.

What may be more surprising than this, however, is the fact that hospitals are among the most dangerous places to work in the U.S., according to the Occupational Safety and HealthDid you know that working in hospitals is generally more dangerous than working at construction sites? Here’s what you should know about hospital workplace injuries. Administration (OSHA).

Taking a closer look at the risks that some health care workers face daily, this blog series will delve into some of the most prominent and serious hospital workplace hazards and injuries.

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Hospital Workplace Injuries: The Stats

Reviewing some OSHA statistics regarding hospital workplace injuries reveals just how dangerous hospitals can be for nurses, doctors and other health care professionals. Here’s a snapshot of some of these stats:

  • In 2011 (the most recent year for which statistics are currently available), nearly 58,900 health care professionals working at hospitals in the U.S. sustained job-related injuries that resulted in missed work.
  • This resulted in a rate of hospital workplace injuries that was double the rate reported for workers in the private sector in the U.S. in 2011. In other words, working in hospitals is more risky and potentially dangerous than working in either the construction or manufacturing industries.
  • About 80 percent of hospital nurses admit to working while enduring musculoskeletal pain and/or injuries.
  • Hospital workplace injuries resulting in workers’ compensation claims cost U.S. hospitals about $2 billion per year (conservatively speaking).
  • When a hospital health care worker is hurt while working and the injury sustained results in missed work time, the average cost of the associated workers’ compensation claim is between $15,860 and $22,300.

For some more important info about hospital workplace injuries, don’t miss the additional installments of this blog series. They will be published soon.

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