January 26, 2015

After getting hurt at work, seeking immediate medical attention may be of the utmost concern. However, if you will be pursuing a Colorado workers’ compensation claim, then being aware of some important deadlines that you need to meet will also be critical to:

  • Getting the benefits you may need to cover your medical treatments and living costs as you focus on your recovery
  • Minimizing the potential delays or challenges that can impact your claim and benefits
  • Ensuring that you are able to obtain the full amount of benefits to which you may be entitled.

Colorado Workers’ Comp Deadlines You May Need to Know

The following table presents an overview of some of the most important Colorado workers’ comp deadlines to be aware of.

Important Colorado Workers’ Comp Deadlines
Responsible Party Deadline* Required Action
Employer ASAP/Immediately –          Fatal workplace injuries must be reported to the CO Division of Workers’ Compensation (the Division).
Within 10 days –          All work injuries must be reported to the workers’ comp insurer.
Injured Worker Within 4 days –          Any workplace injury must be reported in writing to the employer.
Within 30 days –          A “Final Admission of Liability” must be filed if the injured worker is disputing any part of the claim (like, for instance, the MMI or whole person rating).
Within 45 days(of mailing the “Notice of Contest”) –          A request for an “expedited hearing” must be filed if the injured worker is appealing a wrongful claim denial.
Insurance Company Within 20 days –          An admission or denial of liability must be filed with the Division for claims related to a death, occupational disease, permanency or lost time.
Within 6 months –          A petition to close a disputed claim must be filed to close a claim if the injured worker has taken no action to pursue additional benefits.

*Note: Deadlines are noted in relation to the date of the work accident.

Because injured workers, however, may need to be focused on their medical care and physical recovery (and because it’s unlikely that people who’ve never pursued workers’ compensation claims are familiar with these deadlines), retaining an experienced attorney like Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Jennifer Bisset can be pivotal to:

  • Meeting all of your Colorado workers’ comp deadlines
  • Resolving your workers’ comp claim as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at the Bisset Law Firm

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