Insurance Denials

While a personal injury practice requires an attorney to be knowledgeable about the causes of an accident and the injuries it produces, nearly all of these claims involve insurance denials. The focus of my practice is creating leverage and incentive to pay the claim, through investigation and disciplined preparation. Insurance companies do not like facing an unknown quantity of risk and liability if forced to trial. While I have won and lost cases, the cases I won exceeded the offers of settlement made by the insurance company prior to trial.

It is a fact of modern life that we all depend on insurance. Insurance is a promise to pay in the event of a financial loss in exchange for payment of a premium.

We are required by law to have auto insurance, and its just good practice to be sure to have health insurance, property insurance. Employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance, and many businesses carry general commercial liability policies. Licensed professionals including doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and architects carry malpractice insurance.

Like any good business model, insurance companies are structured to make a profit, based on selling policies, sound underwriting practices and shrewd investment. In recent years, insurance companies have shifted the profit focus on claims departments. Even though it is the function of the claim department to ensure prompt, fair and efficient delivery of the promise to pay, claims departments have been turned into profit centers by creating objectives and incentives for adjusters to deny, minimize or delay acceptance of a claim. Insurance companies often set up bonus systems to reward claims personnel who meet these internal targets. These incentives create a direct conflict with the insurance company’s promise to pay in exchange for the payment of the premium. As a result of this culture shift, increasingly, the result is the development of a business culture that thrives on delay, deny and defend.

My practice focuses on wrongful insurance denials in car crash cases – either with the at-fault driver or the company that sold the uninsured motorist policy to the innocent driver, bicycle accidents involving car crashes and workers compensation.

How can you fight a powerful insurance company? I take great pride in helping injured people secure the assistance and compensation they need to turn things around. Results matter. Please give me a call today, I’m happy to evaluate you the strength of your case at no charge.