Nurse Case Managers and Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Nurse case managers are medical professionals who work for insurance companies and are typically assigned to an injured workers’ case. In general, these managers:

  • Coordinate injured workers’ treatments and careThe Denver workers’ compensation lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm are skilled at helping injured workers release nurse case managers and resolving their cases.
  • Attend doctors’ appointments with injured workers
  • Manage their case with the insurance company.

What You Need to Know About Nurse Case Managers

Despite the fact that nurse case managers may seem to be helpful, it’s important that injured workers know that:

  • Nurse case managers often prioritize the insurance company’s best interests over the injured workers’ wellbeing.
  • To this end, nurse case managers may take an overbearing role in the injured workers’ care, sometimes even attempting to talk doctors into less expensive courses of treatment, into clearing injured workers to return to work sooner than they should, etc.
  • Injured workers do NOT have to have nurse case managers involved in their case.
  • They can get the nurse case manager released from their case by submitting a written request to insurance companies that states that they no longer want a nurse case manager and that they do not want the case manager discussing their medical affairs with their doctors.

Working with the Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm

If you have sustained a work-related injury and need help dealing with the nurse case manager associated with your case (or with any aspect of your case), the skilled Denver workers’ compensation attorneys at the Bisset Law Firm want you to know that we are here to:

  • Aggressively advocate your rights
  • Provide you with responsive, high-quality legal services and representation
  • Help you secure the benefits you need and deserve
  • Help you secure the most favorable possible outcome to your case so you can focus on your future.

This means that, when you choose to work with our esteemed Denver workers’ compensation lawyers, you can trust that we will:

  • Promptly return all of your phone calls
  • Keep you in the loop about every new development in your case, as well as new options you may have as these developments occur
  • Work diligently and relentlessly to keep your case moving and combat insurance companies’ bureaucracies and stall tactics
  • Be committed to meeting all of your case deadlines
  • Provide you with clear, upfront and honest answers regarding the strengths and weakness of your case, as well as your best choices as you move towards resolving your workers’ compensation claim.

Let’s Talk about Your Rights

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