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Permanent disability claims are intended to provide compensation to individuals who are partially or fully disabled due to a workplace injury and, as a result, are only able to work in a limited capacity (if at all). These types of workers’ compensation claims are generally only filed after injured workers have been deemed by medical professionals to have reached their maximum medical improvement, and they typically provide compensation that is:

  • About 67 percent or 2/3 of the injured worker’s former wages over the course of his life (in the event the injured worker isThe Denver permanent disability benefits lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm are dedicated to helping people secure the maximum possible benefits for their injuries. not able to work at all due to his permanent disability)
  • About 67 percent or 2/3 of the difference between the injured worker’s former income and his current income associated with his restricted work schedule (in the event he is able to work either part time or in some limited capacity due to the permanent partial disability associated with his workplace injury).

As with temporary disability cases, injured workers who have permanent disability cases are assigned a disability rating by a medical professional according to the guidelines set forth in the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) Guide to Evaluating Permanent Impairment. While the AMA’s guidelines are extensive, unfortunately, doctors do not always assign the proper disability rating to injured workers, and the wrong ratings can result in the loss of hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars of compensation in workers’ benefits.

When Insurers Dispute Permanent Disability Claims

When it comes to paying permanent disability claims, insurance companies commonly resist paying out the full amount of the claim, as they may:

  • Find reasons to dispute the claim
  • Are more interested in protecting their profits than looking out for the best interests of injured workers.

Some of the most common ways that insurance companies try to undervalue or deny permanent disability benefit claims include by claiming that the injured worker:

  • Has not reached his maximum medical improvement
  • Is not partially or totally disabled
  • Has a different disability rating than the injured worker or even his doctor has claimed
  • Is able to return to work sooner than is actually possible or in a capacity that the worker cannot in fact fulfill due to the permanent disability.

When such disputes arise over permanent disability claims, it’s vital that injured employees work with an experienced attorney who can defend their rights to benefits.

How the Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm Can Help You

Have you been partially or permanently disabled after sustaining a workplace injury? If so, you will need a seasoned lawyer on your side to stand up for your rights to compensation. The skilled Denver workers’ compensation and permanent disability benefits attorneys at the Bisset Law Firm are here to aggressively advocate your rights and help you secure the benefits you need and deserve.

In fact, our experienced legal professionals are firmly committed to:

  • Providing each of our clients with the highest quality legal representation
  • Giving our clients upfront, honest answers about their cases – including the strengths and weaknesses associated with their cases, their choices for moving forward and their best options when it comes to accepting a settlement or litigating their case in trial proceedings
  • Keeping each of our clients informed at every stage of their case
  • Meeting all of our clients’ case deadlines
  • Working diligently to keep our clients’ cases moving forward towards resolution
  • Helping our clients obtain the best possible results from their cases.

While we offer knowledgeable, superior counsel to anyone seriously injured on the job, some of our additional key strengths include our fierce negotiating skills, our decades of trial experience and our ability to take decisive action when the denial or delay of a workers’ compensation claim is finally overruled.

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