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Product manufacturers are not always careful, diligent or responsible when it comes to testing the safety of their products and warning the public about potential product risks or dangers. Oftentimes:

  • This can lead to faulty, toxic and dangerous products exposing the public to a significant risk of injury or death.
  • This is the result of manufacturers putting a priority on profits at the expense of ethics and the interests of the public safety.

When manufacturer negligence and dangerous products cause harm, Attorney Jennifer Bisset can help the injured advocate their rights to compensation and justice.

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in a Medical Device Product Liability Case Involving a
Biomet Shoulder Replacement

Since 1986, Ms. Bisset has been devoted to representing the injured and helping them navigate the course to financial recovery. Experienced at standing up against daunting opponents – like major manufacturers and insurance companies, Attorney Jennifer Bisset can help you determine and pursue your best options for compensation if you or a loved one has been hurt by a dangerous product.

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The Bisset Law Firm can help you anticipate the upcoming challenges, strategize to develop a strong case and set your case up for the best possible results.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email the Bisset Law Firm for answers regarding your potential product liability case. Until then, we invite you to explore the following for some generally important insights regarding product liability cases.

What Is Product Liability?

Denver Product Liability Lawyer

Denver Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability refers to the legal responsibility certain parties hold when dangerous or faulty products cause harm. As such, product liability law is the area of law that focuses on holding manufacturers, distributors, retailers and/or others accountable for their role in bringing harmful products to the public.

Generally, product liability cases involve allegations like (but not limited to) manufacturers:

  • Failing to properly test the safety of their products
  • Failing to provide adequate instructions and/or warnings for products
  • Misrepresenting the efficacy and/or safe uses of products (in advertising, product labeling, etc.).

The Bisset Law Firm handles many types of product liability cases, including (but not restricted to) those associated with faulty, toxic or dangerous:

  • Medical devices
  • Medications
  • Consumer products
  • Household goods
  • Industrial tools and machines
  • Automotive equipment.

What Evidence Can Prove Negligence in Product Liability Cases?

The facts associated with a particular case can impact the nature of the evidence necessary to establish negligence and prove product liability. Attorney Jennifer Bisset can provide a more detailed answer related to your circumstances (after going over the facts of your potential claim).

In general, however, some types of evidence that can be helpful in these cases can include:

  • Product specifications, instructions and/or user manuals
  • Data, documents and/or reports related to product testing
  • Regulatory actions associated with a certain product or manufacturer
  • Expert witness testimony.

Ms. Bisset is skilled at compiling all evidence needed to prove product liability and hold the negligent party (or parties) accountable.

How Soon Do Product Liability Cases Have to Be Filed?

Colorado law has established strict deadlines for filing product liability cases. These deadlines, known as the statute of limitations, are two years in Colorado. This two-year timeframe typically starts counting down on the date of the accident caused by a dangerous product OR the date on which the product-related injuries are discovered (or result in death).

How Can I Get a Product Liability Case Started?

Contact the Bisset Law Firm, and Attorney Jennifer Bisset can handle everything necessary to start – and resolve – your case.

With the Bisset Law Firm, you can expect personal, responsive legal service as we work diligently to keep your case moving forward. As part of our commitment to providing our clients with superior advocacy, we are focused on:

  • Keeping our clients advised of every case development
  • Promptly returning all calls and emails
  • Meeting all case deadlines
  • Always being ready for trial
  • Relentlessly striving to secure the maximum compensation and successful outcomes.

Please check out our Case Results and Testimonials pages for more on the Bisset Law Firm’s long-standing record of excellence and success in product liability and personal injury cases.

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