Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials for the Bisset Law Firm

Client Testimonials for the Bisset Law Firm

Denver Attorney Jennifer Bisset and her team at the Bisset Law Firm are dedicated to providing the highest quality representation, personal service and effective advocacy in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

Bringing experience, dedication and diligence to every case we handle, we have a record of helping our clients achieve successful outcomes, notable financial recoveries and justice.

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The Bisset Law Firm’s history of excellence and success is highlighted by the following testimonials from our previous clients.

Leonard, Former Client with an Auto Accident Case

In July 2011, I was involved in an auto accident on West Sixth Avenue in Denver, wherein the driver who caused the accident was convicted of a DUI.  After an extensive search and interviews with attorneys specializing in auto accidents, I chose Jennifer Bisset. And I’m so grateful I did.

The convicted DUI driver only carried the $25,000 minimum of auto insurance. Therefore, it became imperative that I turn to my own auto insurance company, where I had, years ago, obtained additional coverage, believing I was making certain, should I ever become involved in an accident wherein the other party didn’t have any, or had inadequate insurance, I would be protected.

So much for the insurance company which postures and promotes itself as being a “Good Neighbor…”

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As a result of this auto accident, I was required to undergo both right hip and left knee replacements, prohibiting me from continuing employment in the professional field for which I had been employed and trained; I suffered astronomical medical bills, endured false accusations by my insurance company, feared threats of losing my home and good credit, endured tremendous pain and extensive rehabilitation, received settlement offers substantially lower than the medical costs I was incurring, suffered exhaustive setbacks; and all the myriad of gymnastics involved by being forced into the experience of taking my case to trial.

No, Jennifer Bisset didn’t save my life, but what she did do was provide me with professional expertise, perseverance, expediency, caring, recognized legal knowledge and respect, and ultimately, an impressive monetary jury award.  I am so grateful Jennifer Bisset is my attorney.

If you find yourself in need of a results-focused attorney, search no further. Call Jennifer Bisset at 303-894-8900. She has made, and continues to make, a very BIG difference in my life![/read]

Michael S., Former Client with a Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith Claim

In 2005, I got seriously hurt on the job. Long story short: I had herniated two discs in my upper neck and needed surgery. I was in serious pain and felt like any movement could paralyze me.

After filing a workman’s comp claim with Pinnacle Insurance, I was denied: Not just denied… but rudely denied. Basically, this is what was said:

Mr. Schuessler, This is —– and I just wanted to call you and let you know that you are Denied! As far as I’m concerned, you’re faking it. You’re sitting at home on the couch eating bonbons trying to collect a big fat check. So again you are denied!

I was in shock! Now, mind you, this call came after I had made numerous calls to the person that was handling my case, and their refusal to get back to me. I was upset. I was afraid of being paralyzed, and I was still trying to work because, up to this point, I had received nothing from the insurance company, after many months of trying to work this out. I felt like I was at the end of my rope.

This is when I hired a workman’s comp. attorney and filed suit. I, as many others in this situation, had no other choice. It took at least another year or so to get anything from them. When I hired this first workman’s attorney, he mentioned something about Bad Faith and that I might have a case against the insurance company for this. He referred me to another office. It took them at least 30 to 45 days to review my case, and they decided not to take me on (very frustrating). At this point, the statute of limitations was coming up fast. So, I called some media personalities to get another referral (A last resort, because I knew I had been treated so unfairly).

They referred me to Jennifer Bisset.

Now, Jennifer Bisset isn’t your average attorney, she’s more than that, she actually cares, about you, the pain you’re in, and how it can affect the rest of your life. She does everything in her power to help you through it, to make sure that you’re compensated for the pain, suffering and ugliness, which the Worker’s Comp. system can put you through. She may begin as an attorney, but she ends up being a friend, and she truly does everything she can to make your life a little bit easier.

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Jennifer Bisset took me to the first win over Pinnacol Insurance for Bad Faith! She also brought in her colleague, Michael Goodman, to help with the medical negligence side of the case. Another long story short: the surgery I had… to fix the two discs went terribly wrong. My spinal cord was hit due to negligence on the doctor’s side of things. And because of that, I now have additional pain and suffering, which I will have to endure for the rest of my life. Jennifer Bisset and her colleague Michael Goodman reviewed the surgery transcripts, actually listened to what I had to say and were able to take me to a double victory! Yes, double victory.

If you’re feeling low and are in severe pain and feel that your Worker’s Comp. carrier has treated you unfairly; if you’re called you a liar and haven’t been paid for any medical bills, or past wages, etc., I would highly recommend Jennifer Bisset.

She’s not only an attorney that earnestly cares about you; she’s easy to work with, and if there are any other aspects of your case that needs more attention, she will make sure that everything is reviewed and you get all the help you need to make it through the end. It may not take the pain away, but it does help alleviate a lot of the stress associated with the injury. I am totally indebted to Jennifer Bisset and Michael Goodman for helping me get through this most terrible point of my life.[/read]

Todd T., Former Client

Jennifer, Thank You very much for all the hard work and expertise in handling my case for the last five years. I could always count on you to fight for me and help me get through whatever was thrown at us. I will highly recommend your firm to everyone and really appreciate you protecting and helping me through such a difficult time!

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