Denver Workers’ Compensation Appeals Lawyers

Colorado workers’ compensation laws stipulate that workers who are injured on the job are entitled to certain benefits – including coverage of their medical bills and compensation for their lost wages – regardless of who was at fault for causing the injury. Despite this fact, however, injured workers may find themselves at a loss when it comes to obtaining the benefits they need and deserve because insurance companies may:

  • Flat out deny their legitimate claimsThe Denver workers’ compensation lawyers at the Bisset Law Firm are skilled at helping injured workers appeal denied claims and reopen closed cases.
  • Prematurely close their cases and stop paying benefits even though a worker has not yet fully recovered.

Some of the ways that insurers may try to deny claims or close cases early include by:

  • Claiming that workers’ injuries did not happen at work or while the employee was on the clock
  • Claiming that workers blatantly disregarded safety procedures and, consequently, were injured
  • Attempting to assign workers’ inappropriate disability ratings (i.e., ratings that marginalize the true severity of the injuries)
  • Attempting to claim that injured workers’ have achieved their maximum medical improvement when they, in fact, have not.

Standing Up to Insurers

When insurance companies make decisions that go against the best interests of injured workers, it’s essential that these individuals remember that:

  • They have rights.
  • They do not have to accept the insurance company’s actions as the final disposition of their case.
  • The law allows them to file appeals to try to get their cases reopened.
  • Working with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will be crucial to fighting insurance companies and securing the benefits to which injured workers are entitled.

The best course of action for effectively standing up to insurers will depend on whether the injured worker’s case was denied or closed prematurely, as well as whether any benefits have already been paid out in the case. In general, however:

  • The appeals process has to be initiated by the injured worker.
  • The process can be complicated and lengthy, especially for those who have never before dealt with this system.
  • There are strict time limits regarding appeals, and failing to file the necessary paperwork within the appropriate time frames can result in injured workers losing their rights to compensation.

Help with Workers’ Compensation Appeals and Getting Cases Reopened

If your legitimate workers’ compensation case has been denied or prematurely closed by an insurance company, the skilled Denver workers’ compensation attorneys at the Bisset Law Firm are here to aggressively advocate your rights, help you win your appeal and ultimately help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve. Our dedication to providing each of our clients with the highest quality legal representation means that our experienced legal professionals will:

  • Promptly return all of our clients’ phone calls to keep them informed about the progress of their case
  • Reach out to our clients as soon as new developments in their case occur
  • Work diligently to meet all of our clients’ case deadlines and to keep their cases moving towards a favorable resolution
  • Help them secure the best possible results for their cases.

In addition to being diligent and dedicated, our attorneys are upfront and honest. They keep all of their clients informed of the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, their choices for moving foward, and whether it makes sense to settle the case or go to trial. Our primary goal is to help each of our clients secure the maximum possible compensation for their injuries and losses.

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